About El.B.Grace

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Just taking a minute to thank you for stopping by. Welcome! Relax, let us tailor to you. Enjoy the elegant and graceful creations we are about to unravel. Please do link up for custom made haute couture attires. Here at “Elegance by Grace” we simply promote African fashions through applying design, aesthetics and beauty to clothing.

“EL.B. Grace”

NAME: Tyra Audrie Muyengwa-Chinjekure

Fashion designer and C.E.O:
“Elegance by Grace” couture and “L.A.L.A Charity Ventures”


BORN TO A ZIMBABWEAN ENTREPRENEUR FATHER AND A ZAMBIAN-ZIMBABWEAN MODEL/ENTREPRENEUR MOTHER in August 1986, I spent my earlier years in Zimbabwe. My passion for fashion and in particular, dressmaking, started back in the day when I was around 12 years old, at school where I particularly enjoyed a “fashion and fabrics” class. I felt I could express myself through my work, it was in this class I realised my dream of becoming the best I could at making people look beautiful, elegant and fresh through their clothing.

At the age of 17 I bought my first sewing machine. I made a couple of dresses for myself and friends. At 19 I designed and made a collection of bridal wear used for my auntie`s wedding.
When I relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark in order to explore different cultures and life experiences, I had an opportunity to work on a couple of projects with a Danish-African Fashion Designer. This opened an opportunity for my work to showcase on a fashion show in Copenhagen which was a great success. My work got noticed and I was getting orders from the U.K, Denmark, Sweden, Norway to name a few. “Elegance by Grace” was also the proud sponsor for the official “Miss Teen Zimbabwe UK 2012” pageant on their “African Wear” round. It was an exciting and beautiful experience opening doors to future projects. I do hope to grow in the near future and explore fashion and culture to a higher degree.

With the some help from my friend and aunt, I officially finalized the name “Elegance by Grace” couture. I wanted capture what my collections are all about: elegant, making you feel beautiful, graceful plus he fact I love the name Grace.
I also liked the idea of grace in connection with giving thanks to God whom through Him all things are possible.


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